4 Things Brands Need to Know to Effectively Engage with Health-Conscious Consumers

Posted by 360 Market Reach ● Dec 19, 2019 8:53:45 AM


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As Market Researchers, we know a thing or two about helping brands connect with their target audience. We intimately get to know how people navigate through choices so we can provide the insights needed for our clients. Through custom research projects or our own online insights communities, we provide feedback at a moments notice. These Market Research Online Communities are made up of specific categories of consumers.

One of our communities is focused on Health and Wellness. We recently detailed 3 unique personas in the Natural and Organic market, which dives into specific attitudes and perspectives between unique buyer groups. Today, we are looking at this segment from a holistic perspective, for a more robust picture on the best way for brands to connect to this segment as a whole. A few things we’ve learned over the years:

There is a Steep Learning Curve for Newbies

Navigating the path to purchasing healthy, all-natural and organic products is paved with vague information. When an individual first decides they want to purchase these type of products, it can be a long confusing journey to get the information they need to make good decisions. Due to loose product and packaging regulations, many marketing claims initially sound healthy, but in reality are not. It can take quite some time for consumers to educate themselves and get the correct information they need to begin their healthy journey. Consumers appreciate brands who provide clear information in their claims and are authentic and genuine about what their products offer.

The Most Important Healthy Ingredients are the Ones Left Out

When brands develop claims and packaging, it’s essential for them to communicate their product’s benefits first and foremost. However, health conscious consumers are primarily looking at what is NOT included rather then what’s added. Particularly those early in their wellness journey. For example, claims such as “fragrance-free”, “non-GMO” or “Paraben-free” are easy for consumers to understand. These products are eliminating ingredients that they’ve read about as being harmful. Once consumers are deep into their health-focused journey and find it easier to navigate claims, then they turn to products that provide benefits from particular ingredients. This is an important distinction as your brand evolves and targets consumers in the natural/organic space.

Health Conscious Consumers Still Indulge

Wellness focused consumers place a high importance on all-natural and organic and want the food and products that they put into/on their body to be good for them. Indulging and having special treats is clearly also an important part of their lives. There are occasions where everyone wants to feel free to eat/use products that make them feel good. The healthy and organic market has room to offer delicious, indulgent treats that are viewed as being high-quality and pure.

Brands looking to expand into new areas can consider healthy indulgences as an option for product development as they look at their product lines.

Health Conscious Consumers are not Healthy Across the Board

In our research over the years, we’ve found that when a consumer is healthy in one category it does not necessarily mean they are health-conscious across all categories. For example, they may be very passionate about eating organic foods such as meats, veggies and fruit, but are not worried about their lotions and makeup being natural. Lack of education or knowledge in particular categories, price or brand availability are some of the reasons why those choices are made. The good news for brands is that the number of categories where consumers look for natural/health focused options is increasing every day across food, personal care, child products, lifestyle and other categories.

For greater insight into Health-Conscious customers, reach out to us today to talk through what your customers want from your brand and download our Infographic Below.

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