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Posted by 360 Market Reach ● May 21, 2020 7:42:14 PM



The unfolding COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people in all walks of life in many unexpected ways. Often, it seems the only certainty has been uncertainty itself.

How are consumers adjusting to the dramatic changes in their work and home lives? And what do those changes mean for businesses as they seek to plot a path forward during this unprecedented crisis?

These are critical questions that affect all aspects of business, from innovation and product development to sales and marketing operations. Until meaningful answers are found, many businesses will be left guessing. But where can you turn for reliable data and insights into current consumer attitudes and trends?

The good news is, there is hope.

At 360 Market Reach, we have been working hard over recent months to find the answers your business needs. Since late March, we have fielded weekly quantitative surveys to a representative sample of US consumers, drawing from a different pool of participants each week.

Our research has revealed intriguing answers to key questions that every business is facing right now, such as:

  • As states reopen, do Americans feel safer in public than in previous weeks?
  • Do most consumers believe the peak of the crisis has passed—or that it has yet to come?
  • How long do Americans think it will take for their household spending to return to normal?

We have completed 8 separate waves of research to date, tracking attitudes and perceptions on personal well-being, national well-being, personal safety, spending on essentials, spending on non-essentials, and expectations of when consumers feel things could return to normal.  In addition to this weekly research, we have conducted additional studies on the impacts on both the Travel and Health & Wellness categories.

Now, we are preparing to share these results of our research during a free webinar, COVID-19: A Foundational Understanding of Consumer Perceptions Over Time, on Wednesday, June 3, at 1:00 PM EST.

Register now to reserve your spot, and access this valuable, timely consumer research into COVID-19, available exclusively from 360 Market Reach. You'll come away with actionable insights to help your business navigate these uncertain times and capitalize on new opportunities as they arise.

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